Bike Racks


Bike racks

What are bike racks?

Bike racks are used to carry your bike from one place to another. The main function is to transport your bike safely wherever you go.

The most popular type of bike rack is hitch mount bike rack. There are also other types of bike racks but this one is the most popular since it can be easily attached to the rear end of your car.

This is a great accessory for people who like cycle and outdoor sports. This helps them take there bike anywhere they want without much effort.

Also bike racks are mostly inexpensive. They usually range from $90 to $300. Also most of the bike racks are usually designed to transport 2 bikes simultaneously but if you buy a converter kit then they can be used to transport as many as 5 bikes at a time.

Also some of the bike racks can also be used to carry heavy loads such as towing bike rack. Now-a-days bike racks also contain locking systems which makes it much easier to transport your bike.

Many people like cycling but there cycling activity is limited to just a weekend trail because they cant take there cycles at a much further distance with them when they go out. But due to bike racks now it is possible to take your bike wherever you want.